Vector Software
The company that develops software and integrates innovative systems, including developing advanced seawater solutions, delivers radar technology for monitoring port and coastal areas.

Vissim’s technologies lie among some of the world’s largest and most complex vessel traffic management and surveillance systems. Vissim is a highly innovative information technology company and, for more than thirty years, we have provided essential capabilities to our customers to enable them to protect their offshore energy assets and maritime borders against threats at sea, and what is more, to enhance the efficiency of their offshore and maritime operations.

Vissim delivers turnkey solutions and services for real-time data consolidation and presentation for decision support. Vissim gets applied science aggregate data from a large number of new or existing sensors, such as radar, AIS, VHF, MET, air quality and CCTV, along with external databases including Lloyds and Fairplay.

Information is validated and processed to produce a complete maritime picture via an advanced traffic display and other communication tools adapted to local circumstances.

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