We are a custom software development and IT consulting firm that specialises in delivering bespoke solutions to complex challenges across multiple industries.

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IT Consulting

We are dedicated to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions and strategic guidance. Our collaborative approach allows us to deeply understand your organization’s goals and challenges, enabling us to develop comprehensive IT strategies that drive growth, enhance efficiency and optimize your IT infrastructure.

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IT Strategy

We can help you transform the function of IT within your company, leveraging it to drive core business optimisation and gain a powerful competitive edge. We work closely with your stakeholders to develop a tailored IT strategy that does exactly what you want it to do.

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Product Management

Successful products require a strategic approach and meticulous execution. With our dedicated team of experienced product managers, we offer comprehensive solutions to drive innovation and maximize your product’s potential.

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Software Architecture

We provide comprehensive enterprise level software architecture services, leveraging our expertise to design robust and scalable software solutions. With a customer-centric approach, we collaborate closely with companies to understand their specific requirements and business objectives. Our design and integration strategies ensure performance, reliability and maintainability. By incorporating industry best practices and emerging technologies, we deliver bespoke software architecture solutions with impact.

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Software Development

We are passionate about crafting cutting-edge software solutions that drive business success. With our team of skilled and experienced developers, we specialize in delivering tailor-made software that meets your unique requirements. Whether you need a web application, mobile app, or enterprise software, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life.

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Operations Support

Digital operations allow companies to automate tasks and leverage data more effectively. This leads to enhanced performance through error reduction, increased transparency and improved accessibility to information. Integration unifies departments and systems, fostering seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows. This eliminates redundant efforts, accelerates decision-making and enhances communication.

Strategic Partnership

Vector Software has a well established partnership with Pivotic, together offering a comprehensive and unique set of services and expertise.

Pivotic acts as a crucial link between software development and company strategy. Our partnership focuses on assisting digital-first businesses in mitigating execution risks. We ensure that the product roadmap aligns with your company’s strategic objectives, establish efficient processes for roadmap execution and ensure the technical platform is optimized to support the overall strategy.

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Vector Software has established a partnership with Pivotic, the consulting firm that bridges the gap between software development and strategy, providing clients with comprehensive roadmaps and technical expertise.

Together, Vector Software and Pivotic deliver a holistic approach to software development, ensuring clients receive end-to-end solutions and a seamless project delivery experience.

  • Product-technical due diligence
  • Identify unseen or possible opportunities
  • Key account management


We pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in a wide range of software technologies and platforms. However, one of our key strengths lies in our proven process which allows us to be technology agnostic. We believe that the best solution is the one that perfectly aligns with our clients’ unique needs and goals.

Our talented team cover an array of technologies and we have the capability to acquire specialist talent quickly allowing us to develop bespoke software solutions in any technology, ensuring that our clients receive tailor-made solutions that deliver outstanding results. Whether it’s leveraging existing technologies or exploring new ones, we are committed to delivering innovative and effective software solutions that drive success for our clients.

By being technology agnostic and employing a proven process, we empower our clients to achieve their goals effectively, regardless of the technology landscape. Our commitment to delivering meaningful and impactful software development, irrespective of the technology involved, sets us apart and makes us a trusted partner for businesses seeking customised software solutions.

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