Full-cycle custom software development. Vector Software executes and delivers, focusing on quality, robustness and scalability. We use a ISO 9001-certified delivery framework to provide flexible, efficient software development.

01. Scoping

On-site workshops are held to define the project’s scope and objectives. This involves clarifying why custom software development is needed and outlining what needs to be accomplished.
High-level project definition
Competence requirements
A schedule for the discovery phase

02. Discovery

A series of workshops lead by our engagement teams in close collaboration with the client to define the project’s goals and identify unseen potential. Finalising what needs to be accomplished as well as when and how much will it cost.
Detailed requirements & market positioning
Proposal for the pilot project
Strategic roadmap
Risk analysis
stages map


We utilise our strategic partnership with Pivotic for clients in Nordic territories. A Pivotic expert will form part of the key account management team and can be involved throughout the process for a seamless end-to-end experience.

03. Pilot Project

The validation of the product and feasibility through a first iteration, resulting in a working product or MVP that directly impacts your companies goals. Using agile methodology through several development cycles to create and present working product in close collaboration with the client.
Working product
Validation of feasibility and value
Updated risk analysis and risk management plan

04. Ongoing Development

Clearly defined project phases that align with the strategic roadmap allow us to continuously release enhancements a new product features.
Continuous development
Product features

05. Handover

While this phase is optional, the Vector Software handover process allows for the smooth transition of a fully functional product team into your company. Processes, procedures and functionality is documented for seamless maintenance and future development.
Product documentation
Fully functional team

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To ensure successful and consistently stable project delivery we have developed internal Delivery Framework (ISO 9001 Certified) based on the best practices from several well-known industry standards – CMMI, SCRUM and PMI.

The Framework has been developed by certified in-house experts – PMP, SCRUM Masters, ISTQB Specialists and CMMI Appraisers.

ISO 9001 certification and ISTQB certification

A Scandinavian business Culture is at the heart of Vector Software

Through a holistic and humanistic approach, we’re able to empower both our clients and our employees. Problems are solved and solutions are provided through a creative, collaborative and unique software development process.

Little hierarchy

We have adopted a flat company structure, allowing for open communication and collaboration among employees at all levels.

Maximum transparency

We engage everyone in a decision-making process as it is important for out clients to get constructive criticism of the products we build.

Mutual respect

Everything we do is clear and without a hidden agenda. Everyone has freedom of speech. We keep an open mind to new ideas and opinions.

Take ownership

It’s our duty to take ownership of the decision we make or fail to make, the actions we take or fail to take, and the consequences that result.

Focus on efficiency

We focus on cooperation and trust amongst our clients and in our employees to provide the most efficient working environment.