Øresund Bridge

Real-time toll gate traffic management system with AI vehicle detection and license plate recognition

Bespoke bridge gate system Carus and Kapsch logo

A bespoke bridge toll gate system was designed and developed by Vector Software for Carus and Kapsch

A toll system is not just a toll booth, Data gathering begins 150m before the toll gate where vehicle type is detected using the Al system and license plates are read and recognised

If a valid contract exists in the database and there is enough money on the account, the barrier is opened beforehand so the vehicle does not even need to slow down, if not –it stops at the toll booth

The real-time POS system requires payments to be accepted quickly conveniently and reliably

Stability: as the system serves up to 27,000 vehicles a day, any bug could result in a huge traffic jam

Tech Performance: the payment system accepts bank cards, fuel cards, iTICKET and cash, and each payment is processed in real time

Speed: vehicle type and tariff are identified beforehand and the system is ready to accept payment when driver stops at
the booth

Simplicity: it is crucial for the interface to be simple and intuitive so driver could quickly understand how to pay to avoid delays

Weather-proof: displays are readable under the bright sun and the whole system operates under harsh Nordic conditions

ATM machine

Technical solution

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We get vehicle data from the traffic management system, charge the driver using a bunch of methods, send signal back to open the barrier, and save the transaction to the ERP system for accounting purposes


Higher customer satisfaction
As a result of faster barrier pass times

Higher precision
Tariff is determined automatically based on the actual vehicle measurement

Higher security
Integration with cash machines helps to avoid fraud

Higher system availability
7,454,231 vehicles crossed the bridge in 2019

Less tech maintenance
Reliable automated system requires less personnel to operate it

Less customer support efforts
Easier to use system gets less customer assistance requests