Vessel traffic management system monitoring up to 200,000 vessels in real-time

The idea

Modernize existing software
VISSIM already had an operational radar-based tracking system, but it was built using older technologies, and this created obstacles in developing essential new functions

Track personnel
One of the important functions to be developed was tracking not just vessels, but also personnel boarding and unboarding, their schedules, and compliance

Predict and prevent vessel collisions
The new system should be able not just to track a vessel, but to predict it’s path to make sure vessels pass each other with safe distance

Vissim’s challenges

Lack of competence
Existing developers did not have competence in target technologies required to rebuild the system

Hard to hire locally
Local professionals were in deficit and average time required to hire a team was more than 6 months

Slow time-to-market
All of the above resulted in extended period of time required to build the end product and bring it to market

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Vissim protects it’s customers’ marine assets with Vector Software, Vissim have been a client since 2016 and the latest project monitored sea traffic to prevent vessel collisions, detect oil spills and poaching.

Office with screens

The result

The system has a personal workstation for each operator and a common 24 display walI to show and track each vessel in the monitored area

Vissim customers


Vissim’s technologies lie behind some of the world’s largest and most complex vessel traffic management and surveillance systems

Vissim traffic management diagram


The system collects and processes input from multiple data sources from radars to drones, satellites and voice communication systems


Vessel location tracking

Vissim Vessel Traffic Management Application integrates data from sensors such as radar, AIS, CCTV and drone, VHF, Metocean sensors, and satellite data, and provides real-time detection, tracking, and monitoring of sea traffic and vessels’ information to produce situational awareness

Emergency prediction

Vissim Vessel Traffic Management Application predicts the potentially crossing paths of vessels, vessel movement pattern irregularities and allows to take preemptive measures to prevent emergencies

Oil spill detection

Vissim Oil Spill Detection Module is a fully automated, real-time detection software which processes data from raw radar images

Port management

Vissim Port Management is a cloud-based software tool that helps port operators plan ship visits, port resources and report resource usage efficiently to a billing system or the country’s national single window

Personnel location tracking

Vissim Logistics Module supports the planning of manifests and real-time personnel transfer operations of the entire lifecycle of offshore installation and operation

marine boat

“What I would like to mention is that despite all the difficulties that came to our life in 2020, all the teams did a great job with producing and delivering to our customers Vissim products in accordance with the promises given in contracts. Thank you all for your hard work your dedication, your involvement! Thank you for your ideas, efforts, inputs and feedback Thank you for design, analysis, developing, testing, verification, management,
organising, and all kind of activities in the ongoing projects.”

Alex Legkikh

Chief Architect at Vissim

Services provided

IT Consulting
Vissim’s management system was prepared by Vector Software experts to move from in-house development team to distributed software development and delivery

Distributed Development Team
Vector Software has selected and hired highly-skilled professional software developers for all required technologies and formed a development team in Lviv, Ukraine

Functional Design
The solution is designed for big data analytics and is able to analyse traffic situations in real time, with cross-system and cross-discipline collaboration where data easily can be shared with other systems onshore, offshore, or onboard vessels

System Development
Vector Software has provided 100% project ownership allowing Vissim to set high-level business goals and delivering market-ready software achieving these goals

Customisation and Post-Production Support
Vissim works with lots of clients in different countries, and Vector updates the application constantly, customising it for each client’s needs

Technologies used

Technology logos


3x faster staffing

Vissim’s usual staffing cycle is 6+ months. Vector Software has built the required development team in 2 months

2x faster delivery

Vector Software team delivers results 2 times
faster than existing in-house developer team

100% product ownership

Vissim gives their dedicated product manager
high-level problems, and Vector Software
provides ready-to use solutions