With years of experience in IT business, we offer custom application development along with consulting services.

System Development

Our system development services cover all aspects of product creation, from problem analysis all the way through product market release and on to continuous support and significant improvements.
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Vector Software

UI/UX design

The user interface and user experience (UI/UX) designs directly affect sales, service cost, productive use, and almost every other aspect of business. We are a perfect partner in designing products and services that boost end-user satisfaction and increase profitability.

Research & Development

The backbone of success of any company is ultimately speed-to-market with consistent quality and innovation. Being at the top of the game today is determined by increased productivity and having the right partners to help you realize your business objectives.
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Consulting Services

Through our consulting services, we advise our clients and help them keep on top of today’s rapidly changing technology issues. Our input assists them with an understanding of the newest technologies and structure in evaluating their current systems, which allows them to accurately define, prioritize and develop initiatives for improvement.
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Distributed delivery organization

Our management consulting services are focused on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities. We bring deep, functional expertise and know how to build effective delivery organization for a distributed development environment.

Software architecture

We provide professional technical consulting services that help, using information technology to meet business objectives or overcome existing issues. Technology consulting areas: product architecture, IT strategy, integration architecture.

Software architecture

Product Architecture

Design of an architecture for a new product to be developed. Assessment of the existing product architecture and preparing of migration, upgrading or improvement plan.

Integration Architecture

Architecture Integration Development Architecture of various business solutions used in an organization includes real time, publish/subscribe, batch and data based integration approaches.

IT Strategy

Assessment of an organization's current technology posture and design of technology strategy to accomplish desired business goals.

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