Carus Vehicle Classification

Automatic Vehicle Classification System. Plate number recognition, dimension and weight measurement of vehicles at port check-in

Vector Software completed the full development of a vehicle profiling System

IT consulting
Vector received solution requirements from Carus and directly cooperated with hardware vendors to acquire specifications and provide integrations

Solution architecture
Our team designed system architecture based on hardware specifications and Carus requirements

Cross-platform system development
Vector developed a system that works on both Linux and Windows platforms

Post-development support and improvement
The project is ongoing as our team continues supporting and improving the system

Carus is a leading supplier of IT services in the sea travel industry

They provide IT solutions for 35 sea travel companies worldwide and annually serve 33 million passengers and 5 million cars.

The Classification System helps Carus provide faster error-free check-in experience

Vehicle Classification system is part of Carus Port Automation Solution that:

  • Streamlines passenger experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced expenses with less required staff at check-in
  • Eliminated tariff fraud with precise vehicle measurements
Carus vehicle diagram
vehicle approaching bridge

Carus vehicle

The Classification System automatically collects and records vehicle data at port Check-in

Advanced systems accurately collect
Plate number

The System takes accurate measurements in challenging conditions

Free-flow traffic
Measuring moving cars without interrupting traffic flow

Multiple traffic lanes
Dimension measurement on multiple lanes going in opposite directions

Limited visibility
Measurement accuracy is unaffected by weather conditions such as snow, fog, rain or bright sunlight.

vehicle management diagram

Technical implementation

Hardware integrations
Free-flow profiling system
Weigh-in-motion (WIM)
ANPR cameras

Technologies used