Cloud-native accounts payable
automation solution built specifically
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

About the Project

Dooap is a cloud-based account payable (AP) automation solution designed with a mobile-first approach.

The application streamlines AP processes through automation, covering tasks from invoice scanning and capturing to validation and approval workflows. Dooap is built from the ground up on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, taking advantage of its robust infrastructure.

By automating AP tasks, Dooap improves operational efficiency and provides greater mobility for users. It’s developed exclusively for integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and AX 2012 ERP systems.

Successfully Delivered Services

System Development

  • Functional and architecture design
  • UI and UX design
  • Development
  • QA
  • Deployment to target environment
  • Maintenance and enhancement


  • Product architecture
  • Integration architecture
  • Automation evaluation
  • Testing approach evaluation

Accomplished Tasks

  1. Automated deployment of Azure resources using:

  • Azure Durable Functions
  • Event-triggered Functions for integration with other resources (e.g., Storage Account, Service Bus Namespace)
  • Azure REST API

2. Automated creation and setup of User Groups using:

  • Azure Durable Functions
  • Azure REST API

3. Deployment of application environments using:

  • Azure DevOps release pipelines
  • Azure CLI
  • PowerShell scripts
  • Bicep/ARM templates

4. Integration between Dynamics applications and third-party services.

Tools & Technologies