IATA Financial Gateway

An omni-channel payment orchestration and management platform fully dedicated to the travel industry

About the Client

JR Technologies is an IT solutions provider specialized in travel distribution technology.

It was established in 2002. The company is headquartered in Detroit with offices in Chania, Athens, Orlando, and Boston.

JR Technologies is a trusted partner of the world’s largest airlines.

The company developed the Aerostream Travel Retailing Platform to help airlines modernize their sales approach while leveraging existing systems. This solution enables carriers to adopt digital retailing without overhauling their legacy infrastructure.

Today JR Technologies’ solutions are powering customer-focused sales for airlines of all sizes, from 100,000 passengers per year to 200,000 passengers per day.

About IATA Financial Gateway

IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) is a platform designed to streamline payment processes for airlines by consolidating multiple payment systems into a unified user interface.

Traditionally, airlines have relied on various payment providers, each with its own systems and interfaces, resulting in a fragmented and complex payment landscape.

IFG addresses this challenge by providing a centralized platform that integrates with multiple payment providers, enabling airlines to process payments seamlessly and efficiently.

With IFG, airlines can manage all payment-related activities, such as ticket sales, refunds, and ancillary services, through a single intuitive UI. This eliminates the need for airline staff to navigate multiple systems, reducing operational complexity and improving productivity.

How does IFG work?

Client’s Business Needs

When selecting Vector Software as a technological partner for long-term collaboration, the client was guided by several criteria:

  • A seasoned development team with industry-specific expertise
  • Proficiency in managing and developing complex software solutions
  • Understanding and compliance with industrial protocols in civil aviation
  • Capability to design and implement architecture for integrating with external service providers.

Tasks for Technology Partner

The development team faced several complex tasks, the implementation of which was an important component of the client’s business strategy:

  • Development of new features
  • Integration with payment service providers
  • Maintenance of the existing solution
  • Completion of the BSP (Billing & Settlement Plan) integration implementation
  • Security-related optimizations
  • Further solution support

Successfully accomplished tasks


  • payment service providers
  • banking solutions
  • currency exchange system
  • travel data providers
  • fraud detection & prevention system
  • 3D Secure authentication system


Internal reporting system compliant with the industry-specific ISO requirements: implementation, modernization, and support.


Security issues monitoring solution.

PCI DSS Compliance

System implementation and maintenance.

Tools & Technologies