Transformation of legacy iOS software into a cross-platform solution without downtime or compatibility issues

Vector Software developed an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software solution for MatrixCare which helps them provide excellent patient care

Securely stored patient data
Demographics, medical history, diagnoses, assessments, allergies, wounds, etc.

Care plans
Medication information, progress notes, etc.

Health test results
Lab results, weight, height, BMI, vital sign collection and analysis, etc.

Administrative and billing data
With expense tracking and automated billing

Geolocation and time tracking
That helps caregivers easily record time, date, and location of each visit to the patient

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MatrixCare is an acclaimed EHR solution provider in the healthcare industry and is part of ResMed medical equipment company:

  • 500+ employees
  • Over $75 million annual revenue
  • 3-time winner of Best in KLAS award
  • Headquarters in San Deigo, USA
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Best ini KLAS award
ResMed office building

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Vector transformed MatrixCare EHR
software in to a cross-platform solution that runs on both Android and iOS

By following our proven process, we ensured the project was a success

  1. Analyzed business logic
  2. Created detailed solution specifications and test cases
  3. Built solution architecture
  4. Performed re-engineering & refactoring
  5. Migrated from native to cross-platform
  6. Optimised performance

Technical solution

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Universal codebase

Vector completed transition of MatrixCare software to a universal codebase

  • Built a full development team in just 1 month
  • Migrated a live solution without downtime or compatibility issues
  • Maintained all original functionality
  • Kept the solution stable and secure
  • Optimised performance for slower-performing Android devices
  • Provided detailed documentation for the entire solution
MatrixCare software on mobile phone screen

Attracting new customers

Providing a cross-platform solution allows MatrixCare to attract new customers by extending its service to Android users.

A universal codebase lowers maintenance costs and simplifies implementation of new features

Used by over 15,000 health professionals

“MatrixCare helps us manage thousands of patients a month.”

“Having MatrixCare right by our side makes our life really easy.”
Douglas Gardens

“It’s a great system… We’re very pleased.”
Kensington Senior Living

“The one-stop-shop for all your senior living needs.”
Mission Senior Living

“It’s a game changer.”
Homestead Hospice

Health professional looking at ipad