Order Management System

The OMS is one of the key components of Aerostream, a next-generation multi-product platform for airline retailing

About the Client

JR Technologies is an IT solutions provider specialized in travel distribution technology.

It was established in 2002. The company is headquartered in Detroit with offices in Chania, Athens, Orlando, and Boston.

JR Technologies is a trusted partner of the world’s largest airlines.

The company developed the Aerostream Travel Retailing Platform to help airlines modernize their sales approach while leveraging existing systems. This solution enables carriers to adopt digital retailing without overhauling their legacy infrastructure.

Today JR Technologies’ solutions are powering customer-focused sales for airlines of all sizes, from 100,000 passengers per year to 200,000 passengers per day.

About the Aerostream Platform

Aerostream is an airline retailing platform, launched by
JR Technologies.

The platform pioneered a comprehensive travel shopping experience, providing a multi-product cart where customers can buy and organize all aspects of their journey in a single interface.

The Aerostream platform consists of several integrated modules:

  • Offer Management
  • Order Management
  • Ancillaries Manager
  • Customer Support Portal
  • Management Portal

About the Order Management System

Vector Software engineers worked on one of the key modules of Aerostream – a Multi-Product Order Management System. It allows airlines to sell ancillaries together with flights.

The Order Management System records the orders with a focus on the service delivery. This requires record keeping not only of purchased items, but also their delivery status, their price, the taxes, and the details of the service delivery partners such as lounge providers, ground handlers, etc.

OMS Module Features

  • Merge flight and non-flight products within a singular order ID, fostering seamless tracking and management of purchases and itineraries
  • Fully compliant with ONE Order standards
  • Centralize and standardize orders, fostering operational efficiency
  • Compatible with diverse APIs, ensuring adaptability and interoperability
  • Facilitate the creation of long-sell orders, catering to complex customer needs
  • Empower the autonomous creation of distinct offers
  • Seamlessly link offers to orders, optimizing sales conversion
  • Backward compatibility with legacy systems ensures uninterrupted business operations.

Technology Partnership with Vector

Client’s Business Needs

When selecting Vector Software as a technological partner for long-term collaboration, the client was guided by several criteria:

  • A seasoned development team with industry-specific expertise
  • Proficiency in managing and developing complex software solutions
  • Understanding and compliance with industrial protocols in civil aviation
  • Capability to design and implement architecture for integrating with dozens of external service providers.

Tasks for Technology Partner

The development team faced several complex tasks, the implementation of which was an important component of the client’s business strategy:

  • Support and maintenance of the existing solution
  • Development of new features
  • Integration with multiple service providers (Expedia, Viator, AVIS, etc.)
  • Creation of data analytics dashboards

Tasks Accomplished

Travel Services

  • Integrations with the travel services providers
  • Ancillary management solution: business rules system integration

System Optimization

  • Legacy system data migration
  • Legacy code support & update
  • Code refactoring


  • Security monitoring and vulnerability scanning
  • Health check monitoring: issues alerting and logging


  • Analytics dashboards for business reporting


  • Integrations with the payment systems
  • PCI DSS Compliance support

Graphic User Interface

One of the successfully completed tasks undertaken by Vector Software during the development of the Order Management System was the creation of a Graphic User Interface (GUI). This interface serves as call centers portal. It’s a visual gateway to the system’s functionalities, providing staff with an intuitive and user-friendly elements to interact with.

GUI Goals

  • The implementation of a graphical interface streamlines access to all functions within the Order Management System, enhancing user experience and reducing training time for staff
  • Incorporating security modules into the graphical interface ensures that access to sensitive data and system functions is restricted to authorized personnel only
  • By limiting staff access to pre-authorized functions through the graphical interface, the system enhances security measures and mitigates the risk of unauthorized actions
  • The intuitive design of the graphical interface facilitates efficient navigation and usage of the Order Management System, ultimately improving operational efficiency within the company

Tools & Technologies