AI-driven Laser-armed Salmon Delousing Technology to harvest food on nature’s terms

Vector Software built a platform to handle all administrative tasks for stingray

Robot data: Recording and analysis.

Date reports: Generation and sending

Live feed: From robot cameras.

Robot remote control: Manual and automatic.

Communication system: For Stingray and their clients.

Status notifications: For robots and reports.

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Stingray created a revolutionary method of fighting salmon parasites

Usual methods are ineffective

  • Negatively impact the environment
  • Reduce fish growth rates
  • Result in losing €500 million/year by Norway’s fishing industry

AI-driven robots fight lice with lasers

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Improve fish health
  • Reduce expenses on labour and operation
stingray technology in the sea
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stingray technology team

Vector handles software development of the technology platform, while Stingray stays focused on making their robots more effective

Solution development
Vector team built the platform according to all Stingray requirements

Post-development support
The team supports the platform and introduces new features

Technical solution

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Stingray team

Stingray is a fast-growing technology innovator

€2.5m Received in government funding
4x Facility growth within first 2 years
€10m Yearly turnover
50+ Employees

Stingray helps produce fish within UN’s Sustainable development goals

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Stingray helps grow more healthy fish on nature’s terms

29 fish farms: In Norway use Stingray’s robots.
Up to 10 robots: Used by each farm.
6+ years: Without salmon wounds or mortality.

Nominated for European’s Inventor of 2019 by the European Patent Office

Europen Patent Office award
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stingray technology in water